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    well it was easy setting up the bluetooth with my powerbook to get online but it is so slow. I was gettibg 40k speed. my 6601 ppc was getting around 200k. am I doing something wrong? would uding hotsync wire get me faster speed if so how do I do it? I have been ppc user for years with mac but recentkly switched and I love my treo but this speed thing is just too slow. any help would be good.

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    Getting 40k speed as measured by what? A bandwidth test? Or the reported connection between Treo and PB?
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    Was your PPC6601 getting 200k in a direct connection (Vision) or in Bluetooth DUN?
    1xrtt seems to top at 144k with occasional bursts of 200-230k. So, I'm somewhat doubtful you were actually getting a 200K throughput. Perhaps you're referring to the modem connection indicator, and not the actual throughput?

    I never used my Treo650 in a BT DUN setting, so I'll leave that to those who have.

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