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    Last week I downloaded Palm Journal from OnCourseTech. It comes with a desktop app, visor app and conduit to synch the two. On the Visor I can add/edit/save journal entries. On the desktop I can add/edit journal entries, but save does not work. I am running Win2K Professional (the production code) on a Dell CPi 300MHz Pentium2 with 128MB RAM and 6GB hard drive. Hot synch works, as long as I make any changes/new entries on the Visor. When I try to save on the desktop, the screen goes blank (black) and then comes back to the Palm Journal desktop. The save button is also then grayed out.

    I have written an extensive email to OnCourseTech describing the problem and my willingness to help. I will keep the list here at VisorCentral updated on what happens.

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    Got an email from Sean Judd of OnCourseTech. Seems that they just took ownership of PalmJournal last month and are even now working on bugs. He gave me a link to a new setup for the desktop, but expressed doubts that it would work. What he did tell me seems to make sense. He said that the original author use DOS "copy" and "delete" commands to save in the desktop. Knowing how NT doesn't like to give control up, and thinking about what happens when I try to save, it seems like that is exactly what PalmJournal is doing. Going to an DOS prompt, but then dropping right back to the GUI without executing the commands. Sean said that he is working on a fix that will use GUI commands vs. DOS commands so that the save works correctly. Hopefully he will be able to have this in a couple of weeks. I informed him that I was willing to help and also that I will be posting here as we work to problem resolution.
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    Got a fix from Sean Judd of OnCourseTech last night. Downloaded it and applied it to my desktop. It works!! Now everything is working with Palm Journal.

    I would like to commend Sean and OnCourseTech for their quick turnaround and fix. It's nice to deal with companies that care about the customer and their products, not just about revenue.

    For anyone looking for a journal let me recommend this product. It is easy to use and relatively simple. Comes with a palm and desktop app and has its own conduit. I am the lead engineer/project manager for a project with my company and I use it to record daily accomplishments/items/etc. This gives me a way to go back and compose weekly/monthly status reports as well as being able to answer customer questions about when such and such was done. It's just $14 at Palmgear.

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