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    Does anyone know of a software program that will alow to record a phone conversation on the Treo 650?
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    great question! love to hear if anyone knows
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    I use the Audacity recorder. It is a great recorder and I have asked them the same question. Here is their response. There are two ways to do it, but neither is really professional grade. Both are work arounds. The easiest is to use the speakerphone and record the conversation. It works quite well. I have used it. The second is to use a Seidio 2 in 1 headset. It works but the far end voice is not as loud as the near end.

    This question has come up in these forums on several occassions. I don't think anyone can really do it. I suppose the Treo lacks the proper switching functions. Perhaps we need to get on Palm's case.

    While at it, I would also like to be able to record using a headset, either or both wired or bluetooth.
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    I have tried recording conversations with both SoundRec (free) and Voice Memo (comes with other Palm devices and has been posted in a number of places) and it seems to be freely distributed.

    I find that if you are in a quiet room having a conversation, these do a good job of capturing it. Voice Memo easily allows you to save it as a wav file for use on a PC. SoundRec seems to be able to do it but I haven't gotten it to work correctly.

    I don't think they capture the sound internally - I think the recorder is actually picking up the sound (your voice and the other person's voice from the speaker) so it's not ideal and might not work well in a noisy environment. Putting the call on speakerphone helps.

    If anyone has had time to run some exhaustive tests in multiple environments, it would be nice to hear the results.
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    I use Mvoice. You dial the number and put on the speakerphone then press the record button you assigned to Mvoice.
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    Where did you download a copy of Palm's Voive Memo for the Treo?
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    Well I used Filez to beam over Voice Memo from my Zire 72 and it works!!! I did the same thing with Note Pad and that works as well. Not perfectly, I have to use the compatibility button under menu to beam but it works!!! Not my Treo truly is complete again!!! Having moved from my Zire 72 I would look at it longingly collecting dust on my desk wishing I had my Note Pad and Voice Memo back and would wrack my brain as to why PalmOne did not include these two apps on the Treo. Sometimes I really really really wished that PalmOne and PalmSource had not split!
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    Does anyone have the Palmonve free Voice Memo app?
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    Callrec will allow you to record telephone conversations and it works very well.
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    I second Callrec. Great program.
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    Bit off topic here but just had to post this link...

    However you can phone conf into your lan line.
    Mother do you think they'll drop the bomb?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blades
    Bit off topic here but just had to post this link...

    However you can phone conf into your lan line.

    thats pretty cool
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    Callrec is what i use. Very good software.
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    I third call rec. It is a great program. Of course could be better with - simpler UI, categories, more preferences to set - directory, File naming rules or wild cards... But remember all this free.
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    Does anyone know if the CALREC author has a website, or a way to communicate with him/her?
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    call rec seems to be only for treo 650 and NOT treo 700. all those seconding and thirding it can you tell me which treo you use it with?thanks!!
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    Considering this is the Treo 650 forum.. And really should be located in the Palm Applications forum... Guess.

    Windows.... *vomit*

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