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    I broke down and purchased a treo650 sprint.

    Damn it is great. Loaded 900 contacts, all the apps I had on my old treo 600 and still have half the memory available. I have had cingular and tmobile and now sprint service. So far, everyone beats cingular. The sprint data service is much faster than tmobile in my area. I can't say much for voice quality yet, still testing.

    anyone know of an app that will allow me to play windows media streaming content?

    or real audio streaming?
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    i dont know about those specifically but you can stream from shoutcast using Ptunes... I just downloaded and installed this setup tonight, but my connection sucks so I can only get the 24k-32k streams, anything better starts to buffer every 3secs. hope it helps!

    I'm still trying to get all the fun toys on this thing

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