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    I mistakenly installed the old Java and then attemped to delete all the files and install the new I'm not sure if the files are all necessary but it is working.

    Now for the tougher part... is there a way to move the Java files to the SD card and run from there using ZLauncher?
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    The big question now that Java is out is whether we are able to use location-based services to tap into the AGPS chip that the Treo has. I know the Qualcomm API was written in Java, and it was included in the emulator. In theory, if Sprint lifts the restriction (as they have for me via a developer friend), we should be all set, right?
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    I don't have enough memory to run it....

    check out my thread:
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    Quote Originally Posted by IamVincent
    I don't have enough memory to run it....

    check out my thread:
    No mention of Java or memory in that thread that I could find.
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    Any progress with MobiTV? With the MLB season right around the corner...I would love a way to get MLB feeds on my 650.
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    Oh....MAN....that would be AWESOME.

    I'd pay for THAT!
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    It refuses to be installed on my T650. it just hangs when trying to hotsync the JVM.
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    What is this for anyway? I just installed it okay, but I don't really have any applications to use, haha. Can someone suggest something for me to install?
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    Replaced the original Java on my 600 with this version. It's about 2 mb bigger than the original. I sure hope it can do more, as free RAM is at a premium. Wish it could run off the SD card!
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