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    I'm a grad student, and i like to get lists of current contents from scientific journal websites, so i can pick which papers i want to read. I had used Avantgo to get some of these journals, unfortunately, you cant cut and paste. So I'm using Isilo (registered version which does allow cut and paste) along with the ISilo web program to convert web pages into Doc files. Some journal web sites redirect the browser when you point to or whatever. All I get when I sync my visor is some cookie info for these sites. Can anyone help? Thanks very much.

    --indra lim
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    There are two approaches, and neither is entirely satisfactory: <OL TYPE=1>
    <LI>Use your browser to display the actual article that you want. Copy this URL, and paste into iSiloWeb. Run your conversion.
    <LI>Use your browser to display the actual article that you want. Save the article to local disk (with IE v5, SaveAs&gt;Web Page,complete). Run your conversion.
    Some times you have to wait for the issue in question to hit the site's archives area (assuming that one even exists). Then you may be able to get things to work alittle better (if you want to grab a whole issue at a time).

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    I usually get the site I want up on my browser, then save the page to my c:\ drive as a html document. Then I use IsiloWeb to convert it and sync.

    It works great for me, and if it's something that I want filling up my visor's 8mb, I don't mind a copy of it on my 8gb harddrive.

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