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    Years ago, I would call the retention dept and they would at least offer a decent deal. Its been a couple of years since I last called them. Last time they were useless and told me they no longer negotiate anything. Is this still true? I have been a PCS customer since 3/2000. I have a decent plan but have never gotten a free anything. Not even a phone. I've been off contract for a very long time.

    Is there anyway I can negotiate a good deal (beyond the $150) to go from my Treo 300 to 650?
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    I just got routed to them today - my Treo 600 keeps resetting and I wanted to try the 650. They wasted 1/2 hour of my time trying to convince me to stay by offering me the same 150 rebate I could get without there help. If I am going to spend 450 for a new phone I'd rather go with another carrier. The service is non-existent at Sprint. I had a treo 300 which broke every 3 months - this happened 5 or 6 times. I was without a phone each time for 1 week. That adds up to 6 weeks - yet sprint makes it seems like its my fault and my problem. Like I knew that the phone they sold to me would be a piece of garbage.

    I think I'm done with them
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    Just as the case with sprint CS and TS it depends on who you talk to and how they are feeling that day. I spoke with retention and was able to return my T650 and get a business PPC6601 using the same vision professional- $15/m even though it is $30 on the Sprint web site for devices that use the PPC OS.

    I think it's a matter of luck, but generally I tend to think that Sprint CS is lacking in knowledge and skill.
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    Speaking of the devil I've just finished a phone survey, for the 3rd time this week, conducted by Sprint about my experience with their interactive voice system and reps. They got really lousy ratings, in case they care.
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    The sprint Retention DEPARTMENT no longer exists. There are CSRs that are scattered about that are trained in retention, but they now do regular CSR work as well. The old direct Retention Dept number no longer works and if you ask for retention you MIGHT get transfered to one of the CSRs that knows retention stuff but you might not. Since the "retention" CSRs are also doing other work, they are often busy and you are just as likely to be sent to someone who (even if they say the are in retention or that they can handle retention) actually know nothing about the plans that are available.

    Also another CSR tactic that I know happens often is that when you ask for something like a supervisor or 'retention' or whatever, is that they just send you to another same-level CSR hoping you wont ever realize it. Be sure to get everybody's log-in numbers that you talk to so that if you have a problem you can report people who say they have transfered you somewhere but really haven't

    Given the situation its best just to keep calling back until you actually get someone you feel really does know about the retention plans and what they can and can't do for you. They are much more limited now btw in what the reps can give away in terms of rebates or free minutes and the like, seems like some were getting TOO generous!
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    So bascially, you guys are giving Sprint CS bad marks because you want them to take back a Treo 300 and exchange it for a 650 for MORe than the $150 rebate? I mean, think about this. That's like going to a car dealership and demanding that they take your battered Ford Pinto and give you a free 2005 Mustang in returnat littlle to no cost to you. It's not equitable, and in both situations, you HAVE to kick *something* in, in terms of cash.

    Phone's don't come to Sprint (or any carrier for that matter) for free, and I'd be surprised if any carrier will offer you a Treo at no to minimal cost.
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    huh? now you've taken this to an extreme. No one is saying you should get the T650 for nearly nothing or that Sprint should absorb the cost of your old beat up device. We're saying that good existing customers should be rewarded more than the standard rebate, but sprint caters more to the new customers. While this is not unique to sprint, it is still not a good retention strategy.
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    Sprint Retention dept. DOES exist. Some csra will lie & say it doesn't though. You should get on a retwntion plan. This is an unadvertised plan that is much cheaper than advertised plans that they save for people who threaten to leave. You basically have to say "I want to leave because Verizon wil give me xxx minutes for $xxx, can you offer something similar?". If they refuse just keep calling back until someone does. And there is a retention number. They just keep changing it is all. Good luck.
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    Scaredpoet- your analogy is way off. It's more like buying equipment from your cable company to use their service. THen the equipment turns out to be defective - ie breaks every 3 months and your can't watch TV for a week at a time until they send you a new cable box. They then tell you your stuck with the defective product they sold you - which by the way you can't use anywhere else. So tell me what's unfair about asking
    them to make good on the equipment and give you something that actually works so I can keep spending $150/month for their service. Because otherwise for the same amount they are asking me to pay for a new phone I can switch to a competitor - and hope they have better customer service ( who knows???). So its up to them to decide whether its worth retaingin me or not. Its a business decision.

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