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    For the first time since I received my Treo 650 in
    late November, today I lost my access to PCS Vision.
    Everytime I tried to use VersaMail or Web it would
    attempt to contact and then I would get the following

    "Network error 130. Sign-in failed"

    I finally hit *2 and they said they would write a ticket
    and have tech support contact me. I attempted, on
    own, to soft re-set, remove and place back in the
    battery, etc., but no dice.

    Then I went to 'Preferences' and under
    Prefs>>Communication>>Network and saw a button
    at the bottom 'Connect.' After manually connecting
    via the connect button everything is working again.
    I just don't know how it got turned off in the 1st place.

    Just thought I would share the problem and cure in my
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    here is your solution, i posted this last night
    Treoing & Loving it

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