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    I'm new to the Palm OS, I just got my visor last Sunday and I've had an itching urge to ask this question. I have a BVx, so I have lots of memory, and I don't use much of it. My friend is getting a Deluxe soon too. Here's my question. Is it possible to put Can I put non-PalmOS stuff on my Visor? For example. Can I put a 3MB MP3 on it, then beam it to my friend--and he can then sync it down to his PC? This would be a lot easier than switching CDRWs all the time--especially for single files. Is there any program that would let me do this?


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    There is a prog called FileBox that lets you store non-palm-os data on your Palm/Visor.
    You can get it at, for example, just search for "FileBox".
    I wanted to test the prog since I downloaded it a couple of weeks ago, but never found the time to do it. I am not sure whether you can beam the stuff from one Palm/Visor to the other though. If FileBox doesn't have a beam option you might want to try Z'Catalog or another utility that lets you beam stuff on your Visor that cannot be beamed by using the normal beam function.
    Note that your friend then also will need Z'Catalog and Filebox both on his Palm/Visor and his home PC...

    Hope this helps!
    Once you tried it (don't forget to backup before trying! ) I would like to hear how it worked...

    Have fun!

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    Wow! Thanks! This is exactly what I wanted! I do have a program called BeamBox that lets me beam all that normal "non-beamable" stuff. Thanks for your help! Greatly Appreciated!
    I'll be sure to tell you how well it works when beaming over when my friend gets his Visor soon (I hope..)

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    If both of you have DirectCD installed, that might be a better solution using CDRW (unless you both own a Zip drive).

    3-4 Mb using your Visor is an awfully slow transfer... computer to visor, visor to visor, then visor to computer.

    Personally I'd use the extra memory for other stuff, like AvantGo or something.

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    We already use CDRW--and its a pain because of the return factor. We're both forgetful people who end up forgetting it. With Visor there's not much too lose. I already use AvantGo actually--5 channels already, and I still don't use much space. How many KB/sec is the Visor IR Transceiver anyhow?

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    There is also a utility in the pilot-link suite for unix called pilot-schlep which claims to let you store random files on your pilot. I haven't used it, YMMV.

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