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    I just received my 650 and I need to move my calendar and address book tot he Treo. Problem is:

    1. I haven't synced in a while (a long while)
    2. I don't have the Plam software on this computer.

    Do I go back to Palm, download the software on my new computer, sync, and then transfer data or is there a better way? I thought I could beam the data, but it won't let me do the entire file at once.

    I am not an expert user! Shortcuts anyone? If not, a link for the Palm download maybe?


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    Here's PalmOne's Treo 650 upgrade guide. It's a good resource for transfering your PIm from an old PalmOS device to the Treo 650:

    Also, I'ld advise you to read palOne's primer on NVFS as well:
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