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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahootzki
    There is a freeware program called Reset me made for the T600/650 from MTDN...
    You can probably kiss your warranty goodbye if you drill a hole through the battery door.. just a wild guess, but I'll bet you dimes to donuts they won't honor a warranty exchange if the device has been physically modified (other than doing something non-invasive like putting a screen protector on it..) ..

    Caught this thread and read through everyone's suggestions and thought I'd try yours as it seemed the simplest way to go.. a program that does a reset, that's it..

    I get occasional "Your device does not have enough memory" warnings from Blazer after a while.. (my Treo 650 is about half full according to info) which has required me to wrestle off my uniQase sillycone rubber skin, open the door, and punch the reset hole.. a pain in the ****.. to clean-up memory so Blazer would load graphics again.. just tried ResetMe.prc and it works like a charm..

    Question - it has a button for soft reset and one for warm reset.. what's the difference??..

    I used the soft reset button with the "turn radio on" option and it said "you won't lose your data", tapped "oh, okay" and badda bing badda boom, it did what looks like the exact same thing that happens when poking the reset hole and it turned the radio back on..

    I don't want to **** around with the warm reset button in the program unless I know what it does differently than the soft reset button.. do you know??..

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    I use Uninstall Manager for manual resets and have never bothered finding out the difference between a soft or warm reset. If soft reset didn't work, I would just go directly to hard reset. I do know none of the manual reset programs will work during a freeze-up.
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