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    ChatterEmail 1.0 is due to be released for the Treo 600/650 on February 1st.

    ChatterEmail's features include:

    • True “push”, two-way syncing of messages between Treo and IMAP server (on compatible IMAP servers).
    • Timed “sync” on servers without “push” capability.
    • Up to 128 active folders supported; folders can be on different servers or even different accounts on the same server. Up to 8 of these can be online at any time (i.e. getting pushed mail).
    • Syncing of sent messages back to the IMAP server
    • Full background and “while asleep” operation (i.e. while not in the ChatterEmail application or the Treo is sleeping)
    • Full asynchronous operation (i.e. works sending and receiving while you are performing other activites on your Treo)
    • Wide range of notification options, including custom ring tones (per folder), vibration options, and LED flashing
    • IMAP SSL support; SMTP SSL and STARTTLS support
    • Attachment reading (with third-party reader applications) and sending
    • Multiple message selection (delete, move, mark read/unread, and “fetch more” of arbitrary message sets)
    • NO third-party “intermediate” server required.
    • NO desktop redirector required.
    • NO recurring fees – a single $32 license fee is all that’s required after a 30 day free trial. And upgrades are forever free. ($25 until February 1st)

    There is a forum devoted to ChatterEmail here at TreoCentral:

    To get the most recent package (1.0b20 as of this writing), download:

    And some nice comments from users:

    “Just for the record... Whenever anybody would ask me how I like my Treo600, I would always give a qualified answer, to the effect of.. It's a fun toy. But as a blackberry replacement it was lacking. You fixed this problem. And made the Treo reach its full potential.

    “This is the MOST excited I've been about a Palm app since I found out that Verichat would offer always-on IMing way back in December 02. I think I'll be able to have as many (if not more) Treo converts with this [IMAP push email] as I did with VC.”

    "What a fantastic 'blackberry bashing' mail app. Well done,my fellow MS SmartPhone users fall over in amazement when I show them my push-mail treo.. ha ha."

    "Worked like a charm, Marc. Thank you! Great app! Amazing."

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    I highly recommend this app. For anyone holding back because they don't have an imap account or know anything about imap don't let that stop you. Go to ad set up a free account. I have chatter on my 650 (new hi-re icons look awesome by the way!!) and outlook on my 650. Fusemail automaticly sorts my incoming mail to the appropriate folder. If I move mail from one folder to another on my treo the same happens on my desktop or in fusemails web interface. Fusemail will also check yahoo mail without pop access! Mail is pushed immediately (within seconds) to my treo when recieved. You can use multiple SMTP profiles within chatter. Battery life is excellent on my sprint treo 650. Try this out before you jump to snappermail. I own snappermail enterprise but chatter won the permanent spot on my treo!!!!

    Looking forward to the official release Marc! Thanks for all the great work.
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    I have tried Snapper, Versa, and Chatter extensively across the 600 and my new 650. Chatter is superior in ease of use and functionality. It is the most complete and professional app on my 650.
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    I believe i remember Joe Fabris mentioning that the perfect accessory to the Treo 650 was the Audi A6. No- Chatter is the perfect accessory to the Treo. It's by far the best investment i've made on my phone- i've broken a few cases, but chatter just keeps getting better!
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    Chatter is by far my #1 app on the 650. It gets my email instantly through and has all of the functionality that I could ask for. It has been built around user's requests and therefore has all of the features that we need or look for. I definetly recommend this app!
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    Marc, I skipped a few versions and just installed 19.20 and noticed that scroll up or down to the top or bottom bar requires going left and up again (3 steps), like in older versions. Was that an oversight or intended?
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    There's a preference in Interface Prefs.

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    This is my number one application and what I was looking for all along. It is so easy and reliable and backed by incredible support.
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    I deleted Versamail from my T650, bought Snapper Premier, and now use Chatter almost exclusively. Great app, and upgrades are so constant - it's continually improving. Highly recommended...
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    Well I finally succombed and bought chatter! Great job Marc!
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    forgive my dumbness...but how come this program cant be scripted to be used on a POP based server?
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    hofo: I was never interested in supporting POP3, because it's a poor platform for mobile email. I'm trying to look forward rather than backward; there are plenty of good POP3 clients around, but none that really take good advantage of what IMAP has to offer.

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    hofo: I would add that you should check out if you're interested in keeping your pop account. I have a main Yahoo account I've had for years, isn't full of spam (yet), and a lot of people have that addy. Fusemail gives me the best of both - and Chatter let's me read what's on that Yahoo acct real time, and I have Snapper (Versa could do the same) "manage" the acct by retrieving/deleting at much lengthier intervals...
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    Excellent reason Marc...i guess i wont fully know about IMAP until my provider does it...

    Thanks airjoe, i will look at that Fusemail website, but yeah I have snappermail

    Thanks again guys

    Hmmm Fusemail is very cool i must say...and well the more i read about IMAP the more i understand how much better it is than POP3......hmm if you will excuse me i have to go shake my fist in rage at Rogers for still having POP email
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    I currently use SnapperMail, partially due to the fact that I'm using POP accounts, but mainly because I don't have a data plan on Verizon and need the auto-disconnect.

    If I'm ever forced to a data plan, I'm not sure I'll be able to use Chatter due to the reported poor battery life with CDMA 600s.
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    New Treo 650 user here....

    Is the battery life still poor if you set Chatter up to pull mail every 5-10 minutes instead of all the time push?

    Some will say that defeats the best feature and I agree push is cool, but I really don't NEED my mail quicker than every 5 minutes if it will save the battery.

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    in my experience the battery life is better if you just let it push because it doesn't always wake up to receive mail every 5 minutes if there isn't anything new...
    Treo 800w 8/08
    Nokia N800
    previously: Treo 700wx 12/06, Sprint 6700 3/06; Treo 650 11/04; Treo 600 1/04 (gone); Samsung i500 (gone); Hitachi G1000 11/03 (gone); Nokia 7110 5/00(best phone ever)
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    I also strongly endorse this product. It goes against my thrifty Scottish heart to purchase Chatter after buying Snappermail and having Versamail pre-installed on my Treo (both good apps in their own right). For me to have shelled out the extra cash is high proof that this is a wonderful app, enough to justify the purchase of your Treo if you need mail.

    I am a MS Exchange user, and found Chattermail with it's IMAP sync feature to be much more useful than even VersaMail's ActiveSync. If you are an Exchange user, this is THE email application for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Druce MacFarlane
    I am a MS Exchange user, and found Chattermail with it's IMAP sync feature to be much more useful than even VersaMail's ActiveSync. If you are an Exchange user, this is THE email application for you.
    I agree. My IT department opended the IMAP port. Now I am directly connected with Outlook. If I delete it on the Treo, it is deleted from my Inbox. I can also file messages away and it is reflected in Outlook. Excellent app!
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    All - Battery life is considerably improved with CDMA T600's over earlier versions; how much you actually get depends on MANY factors - email usage, signal strength, voice call usage, number of folders, condition of battery, etc...

    The T650 and GSM T600's will get 50-100% more battery life in general.

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