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    ** 1.0b20.7

    * There's now a clickable link at the end of partially loaded messages for use in "loading more". It says, unsurprisingly, "[--Load More--]". There's also more feedback on the status of loading.
    * I added "Load Attachments" to the message popup in Folder View and a "Load All Attachments" menu item in Message View. They both load any previously unloaded messages. (This change is on the path to forwarding messages with attachments)
    * Added an icon to show attachments that are queued for loading
    * "Forward" warns about attachments not being forwarded (which has always been the case).

    ** 1.0b20.6

    * Fixed a crash that could happen in address auto-completion following a lookup in the address book.
    * Tapping an attachment name in Message View now works again
    * Failing email sends now pop up error messages, even when not in CE. Previously, they could be missed and you wouldn't know a message had failed to send.

    ** 1.0b20.4/5

    * CE should now scroll to new messages when the screen is turned on (if they arrived while the screen was off).
    * The stylus should work to scroll in Message View
    * Fixed a problem with "delete returns to Folder View" and marking the following message "read"
    * Fixed a problem in which going "online" manually in a QSync Mailbox wouldn't prevent automatic QSync's (which would end up putting the Mailbox offline again)
    * Added a new menu command "Shutdown & Disconnect" (menu-X) which does pretty much what you'd expect.

    ** 1.0b20.3

    * The new scrolling-to-links feature in Message View is now an option in Interface Prefs
    * There are more new high-res icons (T650)
    * The "nudge" tones now use the "LCD on if Tone" checkbox

    ** 1.0b20.2

    * Added navigation by "link" in Message View (i.e. jumps to URLs, email addresses, etc.)

    ** 1.0b20.1

    * Fixed problem in which rocker-center didn't work to hit ok in popup notification
    * Fixed problem in which read/answered flags weren't getting set from popup notifications
    * New hi-res icons for message status (more coming tomorrow)
    * Fixed problem with some messages marked for deletion not getting deleted (typically, after a reset)
    * Fixed a problem with attaching from the Pics&Videos app (T650) when a card isn't present
    * Added menu-Y shortcut for "QuickSync All"
    * It's now possible to "QuickSync" while a Mailbox is sleeping. Going online doesn't work, however.

    ** 1.0b20

    * More work on network connect/disconnect. I'm getting pretty happy with how this has turned out. I'm noticing fewer hang ups, fewer disconnects, and better battery life. Or maybe I'm crazy.
    * Fixed an issue with "Keep Flags Synced" and deletions updating slowly
    * Added a "No Signature" option in Interface Preferences
    * Changed buttons on the "popup" notification. They are now "OK" (do nothing), "Mark Read" (as you'd expect), "Del" (delete), and "Send" (to send a reply).
    * Worked on problem for people sorting with most recent messages on bottom.


    Release notes for the b19 series are at:
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    I'm getting repeated crashes with b20. Is anyone else having this problem. I reinstalled and it continued. I deleted everything and reinstalled, and it continued. When it starts, it asks to turn on the radio. I say yes, then it tells me I have another 29 days. I click ok and it goes to the Inbox and the asks me to turn on the radio again. Click yes and the same box comes up immediately. Clicked no and then try to edit my mailbox and it reboots and starts the process over again.
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    Um... I sure hope nobody else is having this problem! You're registered, right? How did you "delete everything"?

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    I just installed 1.0b20 and so far so good, I'm not seeing the problem that Wadeemmert mentioned. Of course, that's not to say that there might not be a problem.
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    I had to do a warm reset to delete the data files. Then I used the default launcher to delete the 3 program files. I'll try to reinstall b20 and see if I have the same problems. Could just be something I did.
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    No problems with 20 here.
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    It must be me then. Sorry to sound the alarm. I'll rebuild everything and let you know.
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    Please let us know. Otherwise, I won't sleep tonight.

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    Please don't stay awake on my account. It sounds like it is my problem. I'll figure it out.
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    Fixed the problem. My saved prefs got corrupted right before I installed the upgrade. I fixed everything except, but forgot to check the system Network prefs, which had been changed to PCS Vision Provisioning. Once I changed it back to PCS Vision, that fixed the ChatterMail issues.
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    Cool. Thanks for letting me know.

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    The buttons on the pop-up are a great improvement. I was sometimes finding that some text got fat-fingered onto the screen, and then I was never sure how to dismiss the pop-up without accidentally sending it.

    WRT to the official release: Frankly, I don't see what you're waiting for. Chatter is at least as polished as any version 1 software I've seen in a long time.
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    That said, another nit: After several messages have been downloaded together, the last few messages can't be seen until I scroll down. That would be ok, but the scrollbar slider is right on the bottom arrow, telling me I'm already viewing the last message. It seems like either the program should automatically scroll to the last message, or the slider should appear slightly above its bottom position as a visual cue that there are more messages below.
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    WRT to the official release: Frankly, I don't see what you're waiting for. Chatter is at least as polished as any version 1 software I've seen in a long time.
    I agree totally. I feel Marc shoud actually release version 2.0 as the first release in February. Since all of the improvements and all of the features (of couse I have been using it before 1.0bx so that's why I feel it really should be a version 2.0 release.
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    vandee - lol...

    tangible - I'll look at that. I've been working mostly with "reverse" sorting, so I haven't noticed the problem myself, but I can imagine what's going on...

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    I think it happens in reverse too.
    If I'm in a message view, and a new message comes in, there's no indication from the scroll bar that there is something up there waiting for me to look at.
    It's not a problem, as the LED is flashing, but it would be nice for the message to be at the top of the message view without having to scroll, or at least an indication from the scroll bar that there is another message.

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    Another minor tweak: Could you bring back the shortcut to QuickSync All? It used to be, but you never brought it back after bringing the feature back.
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    I don't use the pop up - I just go straight to the program when I am notified of an email. I notice that the email doens't show up right away -- I have to move the 5 way to see the email. I would prefer that it would show up on its own.

    Also, on my Treo 600, the compressed view looks like it is designed to only work on the 650. Is there a way to get the low-res compressed view back?

    Thanks. Great program by the way.
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    GregV - Let me look at the menus again...

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    Just installed this release fresh on my Z72. First time I ran it I got through the first couple of beginning messages. Then I got an error. (Sys 050) (0,1135)

    I reset and same thing happens.

    Te >T3 > T3 > Zod2 > Z72 > waiting for t650
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