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    Like others I don't like the BRIGHT LED in my face, but I do like it's functionality; charging indication, new message/versamail alert, voicemail waiting... I decided to go and get a silver/metalic sharpie marker. You can guess the rest. I started at the bottom of the LED slot and marked my way up until I was happy with the masking I had achieved. I can still see the LED but through more of a pin hole on top. When surfing with the charger on I don't have the bright LED in my face anymore. It's still visible but livable. I cna also easily see the green flashing service light. The color was almost a perfect match.
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    Nice idea.... It doesn't look too ghetto does it?

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    The metalic silver really matches well.
    Mike G

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    What about LEDoff?
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    Butler does it better!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgauss
    Butler does it better!
    Butler has a Dimming Option now? COOL...
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    LEDoff is great and free.
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    Okay n00b question time LOL I have the treo 600, and well soon the treo 650 I like the LED, but are you telling me that in the 650, i wont need a program like butler to notify me when i have a SMS, VM, Missed Call, email?

    if so...coool...and well i tried reading the sprint 650 manual but i came up with nothing, but what does the 650 led do?
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    I have both the 600 and the 650 and will tell you that the LED on the 650 is brighter by double the 600. Therefore the need to tame it down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ti-maniac
    LEDoff is great and free.
    i second that, plus butler has many reset issues. In my book the smaller and cheaper the app is the better it is for me.
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    I like the simple version of LEDoff myself, but would like something like KBlights off where i dont have to go into the app, just double click on a key (or Shift "X" or something) to toggle the led on and off

    I tried Butler, just too many conflicts and resets
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    Yeah- Butler is a LOAD of conflicts and resets, at least on my end. Also, when trying out the Butler program on my 600, it had the most annoying nag screens. I tried deleting the program, and it kept nagging me. That is why I will never use Butler. LedOFF seems to do what I need it to for free. Fired my butler and booted him out the front door.
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    the worst period of my life was reading novels on my 650 while going through the Butler approval stage. It cant be described, you have to live (survive) through it to know the hell that it is.
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    H Folks,

    just a word to those of you who might consider butler again. As far as I know, the only remaining reset issue with the 650 is that there seems to be a reset after backupman finishes. I've written to them to see if they can throw any light on the problem.

    As to the nag - yes it is annoying I know. I've aimed the volume nag rate for the occasional user (scrolling in lists/apps) rather than the document reader. It nags about 1 in 10 for the first couple of weeks. Sorry I spoilt your reading pleasure!

    Re dimming LED - Butler can turn off the LED - but not make it less bright. As far as I know, that can't be done in software.
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