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    Is anyone else enjoying this game on their Visor? The game rewards (demands) patience, especially in early stages, when growth must be matched to resources and it takes such a terribly long time to get going, but overall, it seems like the old Original SimCity that I had years ago.

    Now, for my real question: ... has anyone got any cool cheats for the Palm Verson.


    Penguins and Palms

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    One I've heard but haven't tried..

    Type Funds to get 10,000. May cause earthquakes.

    Set your taxes to 0%. In december, set them to 20% and back to zero in January. Keeps 'em happy, keeps you rich.

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    Thank You, BusyChild. I tried the FUNDS one, and got the money, no earthquake; it appears to be a one time thing, on subsequent tries no money and no Earthquakes (But I know how to make my own. (c:

    The tax trick works great, unless you make a mistake and keep it at 20 all year and set to zero for December.

    Anyone else got some fun ones?

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