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    I like my 660 and how it works well with the 650. I'm using the Jabra cleargels with the 660 and while they work great, I hate it how the setup falls apart everyonce in a while.

    So I got me a bottle of superglue. Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with superglueing the gels to the HBH-660? If so, where did you apply the superglue and how is it holding up? does it ever require re-adjustment?

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    it works just fine. did mine 10 weeks ago, works like a charm.
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    same here. i applied the superglue to the beveled inner rim of the eargel and it is staying put well...
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    "Beveled inner rim" is the side that points to the mic, right?

    One thing I noticed, (and this is a little embarassing), that if i don't clean my ears well enough, the inside of the gel gets some earwax at times. I can clean it with a pin just fine, but i'm worried about getting things trapped inside once it's superglued.

    I guess my other question, is that if superglue the beveled inner rim, is it still possible to clean out any 'particles' that might get trapped inside?
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    I glued two sides with mine - 12:00 and 6:00 positions. You might try gluing just one spot. That should keep the eargel in place and maybe allow enough space to get something out should you get anything stuck inside.
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    Q-tip once or twice a week, would go a long way too... in the ear, not the headset... lol
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    Heh... yea, i'm getting better with the Q-tip. Amazing how a simple cell phone, can force u into good habits.
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    LOL. For those who want to try the super glue method be sure not to wear the headset till the glue dries
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    Can you guys post pics?
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    of the q-tips?
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    just use some CA debonder to get the superglue to let go if you need to get inside the ear gel. Hobby stores sell it for model airplaes and etc.
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    I would post pix if I knew how...

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