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    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    Have been trying to get 650 for the last 2 days with no success.

    Finally got in touch with NBO and had a lady that was going to sell it to me without a Foundation Account. Went through entire process only to find out the computer would not let her sell it to me even with a $70 premium.

    Second, she said I would have to sign up for a $40 data plan. Talked her into a $7 plan but with only 10Mbyte of data transfer allowed.

    Anywho, was not able to get it but my primary concern (because I think I will be able to get it next week) is this $40 data plan. This seems out of line with plans offered in the past and with Sprint.

    Can anyonoe verify having a data plan in the $20 to $25 range for unlimited data?

    Can anyone actually corroborate my experience in trying to purchase a 650 this week?

    National Business Office (NBO) phone number is 800.999.5445

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    I actually signed up for cingular's mediaworks for 19.99 a month which gives me unlimited internet, and from what I have read on other messages if you already havethis service they can't make your buy the 40.00 plan. I put it on my old sony t616 phone last week when I hard people on these boards telling you to just add the service to a cheap phone, not a pda phone. Maybe you can do that with at&t
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    I'm just hoping P1 makes this easier for ALL of us next week by offering the unlock/unbranded version on Feb. 4th...which is birthday! Come on KNOW what I want for my me out here...please!
    Treo 650 GSM Unlocked-TMobile

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