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    Well after running across 2 problems with Poket DVD 3
    1) Error: ntdll.dll problem on stopping encode
    2) Windows crashing on opening file to encode

    I finally got the thing to run properly. First of all go here:
    WinDVD Demo
    I believe even when the demo expires you still will be OK because PocketDVD uses the WinDVD encoders which are not limited to 30 days
    Secondly, after making sure you have the latest Xvid\Divx files from
    then go to Pocket DVD's options->output settings and make sure the Codec is Xvid. This was my problem because by default PocketDVD had this field empty and so on stopping the encoding the program crashed.

    I thought I would pass this info on as it took me a few hours to debug what appears to be a pretty cool Treo tool.
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    Thanks so much for your post. I have been contemplating getting PocketDVD but have put it off due to all the reported problems with the 2.x versions. I haven't ever tried even the demo and it seems pretty complicated trying to get everything sync'ed but I may give it a go and I will definitely use your advice!

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