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    I've been using Beyond Contacts on a 600 for over a year and now on my new 650 for about two months. Love the program and how it syncs with both Outlook and the Treo's built-in Contacts. Or, at least it's supposed to.

    Several weeks ago I noticed that new phone numbers I entered into Beyond Contacts were not appearing in the built-in phone Contacts. I thought I was imagining things for a few days, but then realized it was really happening.

    After paying a bit more attention than usual I realized that a message was appearing in the hotsync log saying: "Beyond Contacts has detected that another application is attempting to synchronize your built-in Contacts database. In order for Beyond Contacts to synchronize with the built-in Contacts database, this application's conduit must be set to Do Nothing in your HotSync Manager/Custom window on your PC."

    That would make perfect sense, except that I have tried setting every conduit to "Do Nothing" except for BC and I still get that message. The Dataviz tech support folks have had me uninstall/reinstall the BC parts, delete the built-in contacts, reset, etc. several times now but the results are always the same.

    So you guys are my last hope. Does anyone know of some conduit that is hidden from the hotsync manager that could be causing this? Is there a utility that would tell me more detail about what's happening during the hotsync? Any other ideas?

    Here is the list of my Conduits from hotsync manager:

    Quick Install - Synchronize the files
    Acrobat Reader - Synchronize the files
    VersaMail - Do Nothing
    Documents to Go - Do Nothing
    Media - Synchronize the files
    Calendar - Do Nothing
    Contacts - Do Nothing
    Tasks - Do Nothing
    Memos - Do Nothing
    Treo Pictures - Do Nothing
    Beyond Contacts - Synchronize the files
    Install - Enabled
    Install - Service Templates Enabled
    Install To Card - Enabled
    Backup - Handheld overwrites backup
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    ive just had this problem too. i think i might try unistalling palm desktop and hotsync and beyond contacts and see if it fixes it...
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    still doesnt work - any ideas anyone?
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    Ive managed to fix this problem - someone had to!! I uninstalled beyond contacts and reinstalled the new version of chapura pocket mirror - if you dont have this then I suggest reinstalling from the palm cd. then synced it. worked fine. then reinstalled beyond contacts - then that worked fine... not sure what the problem is - and by the way - i have the treo syncing with outlook tasks notes AND beyond contacts so it doesnt HAVE to be just beyond contacts syncing with outlook for it to work... oh - and i when i installed BC i synced it without the option of it automatically syncing with the palm's contact database (located in the BC options from within hotsync) - I added that in after syncing again. not sure if the order makes all the difference but it worked for me!

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