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    I've dropped my 650 plenty of times and it's survived. dinged up but good to go. Last night it dropped a few inches out of my hand and hit the corner of a shelf. Cracked screen, 2 1" lines that discolor the screen.

    Question is do i use lockline insurance to replace? is it still $35 or is it $50.

    Or do you think i can get the sprint store to replace it under warranty as it does have resetting issues. (as we all do). I did have to do the hack to fix the sound quality issue. I guess if i installed the old rom back I can get a replacement under that warranty right?
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    call lockline i think it is 50 for this type of damage. If you can convince a sprint customer rep to swap it that would be better
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    You're gonna walk in there with a broken screen and with a straight face tell them that you want to return the phone because it resets all the time. *trying not to laugh* Even the most green Sprint Rep would probably see through that one. Call LockLine. It'll save you the trip and wait at the retail store. You also might want to invest in a case for your phone. Or get a tether for your phone if you're prone to dropping it.
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    Man, that sucks, at least you have insurance.
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    Can you explain what lockline is?

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