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    You guys will probably think I am a big dork for asking this, but can anyone tell me where to get a replacement dummy chip for my treo 600 ? The one that came with it fell out of it somewhere. I do not yet have a need to put a REAL chip in there (yes, I know that makes me a non-technical geek among technostuds) and the hole looks cavernous without SOMETHING in it. I really don't want to just go get a real chip for it since I haven't decided how large yet.

    If anyone can help I would appreciate. Or if someone wants to sell me their dummy chip, I can PayPal for the price and shipping cost.

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    give me your address,,, i will send you one for free. you are talking about the dummy sd card one right?
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    Thanks a million !!

    I have sent you a message with my address.

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    ALmost forgot -- yes I mean the dummy SD card that comes installed in it.



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