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    according to
    the Treo 600 supports the Alternate Line Service feature.
    The manual says:
    "When you have ALS on your Treo account, you'll see an icon at the top of
    the phone screen indicating which line is active"
    Therefore I presume the menu entries neccessary to use the alternate line service only appear if the service is configured on the Simcard.
    GSM simcards carry a Customer Service Profile (CSP), allowing the network provider to configure some services and customize the phone menu, similar to Sim Application Toolkit(SAT).
    However, even though the service is not configured on my simcard, ALS is activated for my contract.
    This means I'd need the menus for ALS in order to use the service.
    While there is no way to activate the ALS menus on some phones like Sonyericsson or Motorola without having the service activated on the simcard, other brands like Nokia have a feature called CSP-override.
    This feature allows to ignore the CSP information stored on the simcard and overwrite it with an altered information.
    What about the treo? Are the alternate line service menus always accessable, or if not, is there any possibility to activate the menu entries?
    Many thanks in advance,
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    habe dasselbe Problem wie du bezüglich ALS und Eplus. HAst du schon eine Lösung ?

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    jag vet inte men jag tror inte... förstår du tysk????
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