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    Anyone have this problem have not noticed it mentioned in the past aprox 50% of my calls go direct to voice mail no notification on phone until after call was made then i receive my voice mail alert. I had sprint tech look at it and he tested it showed that it was going into voice mail and gave me a new treo and got home and the same thing is hapening. run chatter and versamail in background wonder if that is causing the problem.

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    I have read in the forums that on the sprint model calls go to voicemail if you use a data connection.
    Can somebody confirm that?
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    If the data activity light is green, calls will go to voicemail. I suggest you not run those apps in the background.
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    I had set Versamail to check for mail every 5 minutes. I was getting maybe 20% of calls coming in because of the data connection. I set it to once an hour and I now get 90% of the calls.

    Try setting your mail application to manual and see if it helps.


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