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    Strange thing happend yesterday, I use a Treo600 on an orange pay-as-you-go sim in the uk, so I can control my data usage costs (unfortunatley us Uk types have no 'unlimited' data plan that is affordable!)

    My chattermail kept getting cut off from the server, and I checked my credit - it had all gone.. eek, all 10 of it.

    Later inspection of my IMAP inbox via a PC showed 2 huge emails with 6mb (!) attachments each.

    Question: When performing an online quicksync, does chattermail just enumerate the subject/content of a message, or does this enumeration (when the numbers count down on the top bar) actually *download* the messages *with* the attachments? (and thus drain all my credit!)

    I've read the chattermail manual, and there's nothing explaining how attachments are actually retrieved in 'push' mode.

    So, can I STOP chattermail downloading attachments all together?, or say 'dont download unless it's less than 100k' or something?



    Marc: Top application by the way.
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    Chatter should NEVER load attachments automatically, do I don't think that's what's happening. It's possible it's a bug of some sort. If you're interested in following this up, you might send me a log so that I can see what it's trying to load.


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