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    When I receive a call on my T600 I find ALL my MP3 Ringtones not to be as loud as the included Midi Ringtones. If my T600 is on my desk, for exemple, I hardly can hear the call coming in. If I play the MP3 with PTunes, the sound is much louder. In my Preferences of my T600 I have Sound set to 7, the maximum.
    I would appreciate some help please.
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    I have the exact opposite problem and have corresponded with the people at CallFilter about this. Specifically, whenever a caller enacts CallFilter>PTunes, the volume is MAXED OUT even though my volume settings on my Treo are mid-level and even if I set the volume at mid-level in PTunes. Drives me nuts (and those around me who have to listen to Rodney Dangerfield's car horn at ear-piercing volume). I guess the people at CallFilter are working on a new release for the T650 and then will consider enhancements/fixes like the volume control issue. This word came to me about a month ago. I'd suggest you also complain/suggest directly to them on their main thread at and also on their website Maybe with your voice added to others' they will consider this fix more of a priority.
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    Thanks for your information. I will post my problem on their site.

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