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    Sorry, but I just don't understand how the phone is "fully functional" encased in these plastic shells. The phone, memo, mail, navigation keys and LCD on/off buttons are covered with a strip a plastic across the middle. So how is the phone fully functional? Are there cut outs for these IMPORTANT buttons? It doesn't appear so in the photo. Please advise...

    I have the leather openface holster and this would be perfect protection if only all functions are accessible.
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    I have the skin offered through Palm's site, and it works extremely well. I got the charcoal color, so it kind of hides the Treo's good looks, but the feel and function are fabulous. The middle keys are slightly dimmer due to the charcoal skin, but the buttons are not only functional, they have an even better feel due to the raised edges on the skin. All in all very nice, and it definitely protects the unit from scratches and such. Also, I can sit it on the dashboard and hit a mountain road with a vengeance and it doesn't shift an inch. I will be interested to see if it still works when the cradle comes out...
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    Thanks Alfanatic. I couldn't tell by the picture that the plastic over the middle buttons is raised. That helps me with my decision, because I thought it was just a hard piece of plastic that didn't allow for you to touch the buttons with ease. Perhaps I'll consider a clear case too.
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    The only down part to this is that the cover is kind of rubbery and sticky. So it doesn't slide in and out of your jeans pocket as easily.
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    I use the white case and I love's a trick I use; if you don't do it the case eventually gets all stretched and warped. Use a dab of model glue on the bottom edges to create a permanent hold. I insert a thin piece of paper to protect the Treo until the glue dries
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    The case sucks. I wanted it so bad but now that I have it I'm going to try & return it. The problem is not that I have to peel it off whenever I need to soft reset (granted this is a pain), but the problem is the dang thing streteches out & doesn't go back. I have a baggy case now! And it's too dificult to pull it in & out of my pocket. I don't like it anymore. I'll never have the perfect case!
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    Treoneo, I feel the same way - the hunt for the perfect case but without buying a Vaja. LOL Has anyone tried using the Sena (which is pretty thin protection) w/out belt clip leather case in tandem with the leather holster? I have the leather holster. It's great. But the Treo needs more protection on the corners and face, soooo I've bought screen protectors and I'm thinking of buying the sena and sliding it into the leather holster. If the skin case doesn't have a hole for the reset, then I can't deal with it. Thanks for sharing all your opinions.

    You know what would be perfect? If they sold leather cutouts like the egrips for the Treo. If you could protect the outskirts of the LCD, and the corners, then the holsters would protect the back.
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