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    Check out They provide a service similar to avantgo, but it has info for entertainment/dining/restaurant in the city. Very cool interface.

    IT'S FREE. Right now they only have New York, but are coming out with other cities shortly.

    Check it out.
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    This looks great! A truly killer-app.

    I'll just sit and wait for the Mac version and for it to get to my city...
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    That is one cool app!

    If you live, work or play in NYC, you have to try this. If not, sorry, you have to eat your heart out and wait!

    I wish they have a funtion to search for film, or restaurant by name, but perhaps that will come.

    You will notice that while advertising definitely pays for this service, the listings are not all paid advertisers. If you check out some of the restaurant reviews, you will find some decidedly unfavorable ones. That was refreshing.

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    I use it all the time and tk it's great!

    "No matter where you go... There you are"

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