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    Anyone out there playing this? I just started mucking around with it and have a couple of questions.

    I picked a thief as a party member, it now seems that the Archer may have been more valuable. Too bad you have to advance the whole party at once. I'm early in the game so a restart wouldn't be TOO painful :P

    Where do you go to learn new spells? It seems to be fairly easy to gain levels, but the spellcasters are quite weak w/o the additional spells they can have. If this is too much of a spoiler just say so

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    I think they learn spells automatically as they advance. Check this page for hints/tips if you want to:
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    You can drop any party member if you want to at the Kings Court. Just remember that they will start fresh with nothing, and if you want to take back anyone, they too start over. Have fun and be sure to use the map and equip your party members in the inventory screen.
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    And don't forget to keep looking at the trees!
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    I played it for awhile, neat game but then on the way to the second floor of the first catacombs I ran into a gate that said you have to register it before going any farther. Can't go into any off the cities either. How much more is there to the game?

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    There are a lot more levels. I think it is the best Palm-compatible game I have played. Definitely worth the shareware fee.

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