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    Just received a replacement treo this evening and i cannot seem to pair it with the sony HBH 660 it recognizes my scala 500 which works with no problems but it refuses to find my 660. it does not show at all in nearby devices it does show up in all known devices when i hit ok it cant conect. Anyone have ideas it was working fine this morning until i received my replacement.

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    When you have the Treo search for new devices, are you holding down both volume buttons on the HBH-660 until it searches for the Treo?
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    yes i tried that it still does not recognize the device very odd since it was working great before i received my replacement and that it does recognize the scala 500

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    any one have any ideas why i cant get it to work
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    come on guys sombody has to have an idea
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    Try removing the Scala from the profile and go to Sony's website to look at the FAQ because there may be some vodoo to get it to pair properly.
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    Before you pair your HBH660 turn off your Scala, and make sure the bt connection is gone. Then you can pair your HBH 660.

    Btw, you can't have two headsets connected at the same time through bluetooth. You have to turn off one to connect the other.

    Both headsets can be paired and recognized, but only one can be actively connected at a time.
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    TonyH i tried that with no luck i turned off my scala then turned off the bluetooth and no luck
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    I just had my 650 swapped for a new one yesterday and now my Akono will not sync either. When I ask it to find nearby devices it does not "see" the headset. It worked fine on my old 650.

    Any suggestions?

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