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    There seems to be numerous threads with divergent opinions on different movie apps for playing video on the 650 and encoding software. Which combination is Best (in terms of quality), Easiest to Use for converting DVD's? There seems to be widely different results from reviewers.

    Also, has anyone used any service that has a current News format for direct download into the 650? I heard that MSN has some type of download service but don't know if it will work with the 650 nor have been able to find a link to it.

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    The best thing to do is to try several software out. In my opinion Pocket DVD studio is the easiest, and it works well with MMplayer.
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    I used Kinoma effectively on my 600, but had no luck with Pocket DVD or Smartmovie with the 650. To be fair Pocket DVD had to do with my PC .

    I tried MMplayer out and it did work well. I wish someone would sell (legally) movies downloadable in the proper format so it would just be simple! There is definitely a learning curve on whichever software you end up choosing.
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    Im a major newbie to the palm field and after some serious research(Im anal like that)I determined that the Pocket DVD w/the MMplayer(.com) was the best way to go. After a couple of stumbles(I forgot to download a "skin" onto my T650 which gave me no capability playing a DVD)I got it all worked out. Some advice..when ripping(burning?)a dvd from drive to PocketDVD make sure you disable you monitor from going into screensaver-its an option under one of the pocketdvd tabs. I didnt initially do it and it froze during the ripping. After I changed it, it was all good. I am enjoying a Michael Jordan Documentary on my T650(I'm at work-shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh).
    Another thing...good luck with locally finding the 2.5 -> 3.5 headset conversion to listen to your MP3 or DVD. Im in SEattle and had no luck at all. I went to BestBuy, Magnolia HIFi, CarToys,RadioShack) I just ordered one from Ebay. Now I have to wait a week.

    Good luck!!!

    Qwest Communications
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    I've just bought the Kinoma products and I'm learning how to use them. I get freezing of video, so I'm thinking I'm encoding at too high of a data rate. I'm going to keep experimenthing until I get the best combination for me.


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