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    greetings chatterheads!

    I set up three IMAP Account all on the same server but with different usernames, (I think that is OK. I get three separate <server>_<user>_fDB's files). I have no mailboxes in them, so all the mail delivered to them just sits in the account "folder". I have them offline and a QuickSync every 30 min. I get mail and it appears in that account folder, the little noise plays or it buzzes. Great, I love this app.

    Then all of the sudden I get a mail (let's call it foo), It arrives in my outbox! Chatter tries to mail foo, but it always fails with an SMTP error. So I read foo... then delete foo. Now I can't quick sync the account to which foo was sent. I try to delete the account; because it is useless, I cannot get mail from it. It says, "You cannot delete this account without deleting all of this accounts other Mailboxes first." There are no other mailboxes for this account.

    So i delete all mention of the account through Filez go back and create the account. It makes the account and a mailbox "Inbox", I do not want an Inbox for every account so I delete the Inbox, which succeeds. Now my mail goes to the account folder, which I like. I go about life for a few hours sending and receiving email. Then boom, I get a message that get delivered in my Chatter outbox and breaks everything.

    any ideas.
    BTW, this is all on b19.9.

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    gmcc -

    I think you should delete everything, unfortunately, and start over. A handful of people have had a related issue... To get rid of everything, I'd use the Launcher and delete Chatter, ChatterExg, and ChatterUtils. I'd use FileZ to make sure all files with creator ZRKa are gone.

    Sorry! But it will solve your problem.

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    tell me if you think this will cause problems...
    I startup a fresh copy of ChatterMail it starts at the Inbox.
    I create an account, the Inbox is created automatically. I delete the Inbox. Now the mail should go right to the account folder, right?

    Is this a misuse of the program. will it end up causing me trouble?

    BTW, how come on creation of the second account there is no automatically create inbox? Is the first Inbox creation an error, in the above mentioned post the mailbox to go tits up is always the first mailbox, the one whose Inbox I delete.
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    I wiped everything ChatterRelated off the phone. Installed it again. This time when I create the first account there was no default Inbox. So something is different. Hopefully it will all work.


    PS After the Feb ~1st release will you continue to release in such a short cycle?
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    You have to use the launcher to delete everything. That way, it deletes some preference entries. Otherwise, you will continue to have problems. Then use the file manager to delete everything that starts with Chatter*. Also search for all the files created by ZK**.
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    wadeemmert - You should look for ZRK*.

    gmcc - It's best to just rename the "default" inbox to whatever you want.


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