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    AOL said the following," Other connection methods (for example, connecting a PC modem to the Palm's serial port, connecting via the Palm's IR port, or connecting through a cellular modem) might work, but are not recommended or supported.

    Anybody uses "AOL mail 1.1" or get his aol mail without a modem or using something similar to Avantgo?

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    yes I am interested in this too. any suggestions??
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    Go to:

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    I tested the program "pilotnet" using my USB cradle port, even though I know it doesn't mention the use of a USB Cradle. It didn't work, do you know a way I can make it work. By the way I use a Handspring Visor Deluxe.

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    PilotNet does not support USB at all. I was unsuccessful at getting it to work with the serial cradle last night. I'm going to try again this morning after a few cups of coffee...

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    awesome.....I didn't try the pilotnet software yet but that site was useful enough to let me check my yahoo mail using ms express. I have aol as my isp and haven't figure out how to check my yahoo mail until now

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