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    I'm looking for a good, yet simple, yet powerful, yet small, ect. I want to have my cake and eat it too basically. I realized alot of these things are conflicting. I've been using the launcher series up to X for the last five or so years, then started using the ZLauncher, which I really like. But this Initiate program looks pretty cool, just wondering if anyone that has used it has any insight. Thanks guys...Colin
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    tried it today for a couple of hours, so far noting beats powerrun
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    I really like the type-to-find launch style of Initiate. Type a few keys, and what I want launches. Not just apps, but contacts, web links, audio files.... It's a different way of launching that you have to try first to see how you like it, no way to properly describe the experience. Some people may prefer an icon layout with categories (Initiate can do this with only a "list" style, and is limited compared to ZLauncher in this area, but then again Initiate is trying to be something different). It doesn't have some of the power features of other launchers, but it does copy/move apps to your SD card, which is the thing I want the most. For me, Initiate + FileZ fits the bill, and a lot cheaper than ZLauncher (which I've paid for and used) can be $free$ if you want.

    My biggest woe is Initiate is, well, ugly compared to the skins you can get with things like ZLauncher. Initiate is skinnable and supports background images, but there aren't really any good looking skins out of the 2 that exist. But since I only look at Initiate for as long as it takes to type "c"+"m"+"a" to launch the camera app, it's no big deal.
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    - and if anyone can design some prettier skins,drop me a line. I'd love to have more options available for folks.

    as cpryce says, Initiate isn't as good a browser as Launcher x or even z-launcher. I think it's a much better launcher though!
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    Hi CV.

    Been using butler and Initiate since the early, early days. Thanks for your continued work on both apps.

    I liked the Arrow Launcher skin. Any way to make that into a hi res skin for Initiate?

    Just curious.


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