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    Whenever I slide my stylus back into my 650 I hear the light sound of metal on metal. And there's the beginnings of a scrape up the side of it.

    Yep, hardly the end of the world, but is this happening to anyones else?
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    Negatory; had mine for about 2 months now. You may have something down in well. Take off the battery cover and pull out the stylus, and see if something is in the way, perhaps in that 1" tunnel to the left of the camera and speaker. Perhaps some grit got down in there... There are also 2 case screws in the path of the stylus well (one at the very top by the camera lens, and one midway down in the battery compartment), and perhaps that's the problem. They're black, so you should see some evidence of metal-to-metal wear.

    From the length of the scratch, you should be able to tell where the object is; if the scratch on the stylus is long, the offender is at the top of the well, and if it's short, it's near the bottom.
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