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    My father is looking for a program that will work with his genealogy data. He has thousands of names and would like to be able to read/write data about individuals on his BVX.

    Do any of the programs out there allow you to enter data, say, when you're at a library and then import the data back into your desktop program in any way?

    What experience have people had with these programs? Which do you recommend?


    PLEASE NOTE: As "interesting" as the developing thread is, I'd suggest starting a new thread if you'd like to pursue it. I'm hopeful that I can get some advice about the software and I'm concerned that the "extra" material will kill the request! - Thanks

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    What are all the abbreviations I see, BVX and IVD(from another thread)?
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    bvx and ivx are acronyms for blue visor deluxe and ice visor deluxe. it took me a while to figure it out too.
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    BVD, IVD, OVD and GVD are the Blue, Ice, Orange and Graphite/Green Visor Deluxe respectively. I assume the VoxDei meant BVD when he wrote BVX.
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    Originally posted by Gameboy70:
    BVD, IVD, OVD and GVD are the Blue, Ice, Orange and Graphite/Green Visor Deluxe respectively. I assume the VoxDei meant BVD when he wrote BVX.
    I've always used "x" to indicate deluxe. Besides, in this case it indicates that I'm not talking about his underwear!

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    I wish the Green and Graphite folks would use abbreviations that let us know which was which...

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    Way back in Nov/Dec we had a discussion about the entire BVD issue .. I think they came to the conclusion that BVD was Blue Visor Deluxe and VD was plain'ol Graphite Visor Deluxe as the regular Visor (V) is also a graphite color. Along with VS (visor solo)

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    But really, why does it matter what color visor you have as long as you have a deluxe. Is there a real difference?
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    I'm also interested in genealogical software that will let me make entries, and then communicate them back to my Family Tree Maker. I have many many hours invested in Family Tree Maker, so it's important that I can retrieve notes that I make on my Visor back into FTM. Yes, please start a new thread about this, and avoid acronyms!
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    If I recall, the "official" abbreviations decided on in a MUCH earlier thread were:

    Graphite = VDx
    Blue = BVD
    Green = GVD
    Orange = OVD
    Ice = IVD
    (the 'x' at the end of the Graphite abbreviation is there to distinguish it from a medical condition with that abbreviation)

    To answer a later question: No, the color doesn't really matter, but it's a vanity thing, so some people will insist on specifying the color, others won't.

    - Theo

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    I thought the medical VD had been replaced by STD???!!!!
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    Hey VoxDei,
    How about asking to close this topic and start it again? I'm interested in your original topic also and would like to see it continued without having to read all the hijacking topic.
    (Do y'all realize what you've done is the equivalent of interrupting a conversation with a completely unrelated issue- funny if your Jim from 'Taxi', a bit on the rude side otherwise.)
    Not intending to flame anyone, by the way, but you are free to start a topic yourself at anytime insteading of hijacking someone elses.

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    I, too am interested in this topic, but I also appreciate the humor contained in this thread. For me, it makes it easier to read and stick with a rather dry topic. I also am not intending to flame anyone, but it is hard to believe that in normal conversation, people remain focused on only one topic. Part of the usefulness (and fun) for me in these threads is seeing where they lead, which is why I also often read topics I don't have much of a personal interest in. Anyway, for what it is worth (probably not much)I vote that we leave this thread open, as is. The dead probably won't care and if there is interest, I am sure the topic will ultimately meander back on course. BTW, we have Family Tree Maker on our home computer and I am the proud owner of a VDx!!!
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    I see that a couple of folks have Family Tree Maker. While my father has that, he's worked with Family Origins for years and has everything organized in that. Of course, since we're essentially talking about software that works with GEDCOM files, which program isn't the main issue.

    What software have folks tried and is there anything that allows you to edit/add on the Palm and then sync back to the desktop?
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    I don't think there is a program out there yet that will allow data input while in the "field". I use GedPalm by GHCS Software an am very happy with at least having a read-only copy of my data available on my Visor in a usuable form. The latest version of GedPalm comes with a conduit that will download your latest gedcom data everytime you sync. Here is the reason GHCS has given for not supporting data input:


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    PalmSavvy, have you found any restrictions on the number of individuals. Since I'm not the one using this, I'm not sure what I'm talking about here, but I know he's got upwards of 10,000 individuals in his complete file. Does he need to carry ALL of them around? And is it helpful to have the read-only file simply to compare information when you're "in the field?" What is it about this use of the Visor that wouldn't necessitate entering data also? He seems to think that not being able to enter data makes the need to have the data useless, but you've found otherwise. Why?
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    Forgive me for asking what is probably a simple minded question (I am just starting out at this genelogical stuff), but it seems that there isn't a program out there right now that supports input from a PalmOS unit, and it seems that everybody doing this stuff has a favorite PC program already (and they all use GEDCOM files- which according to the FAQ file from GedPalm, aren't easily merged)- my question (if I understand this all)is; What's the simplest Genelogical program to use. It seems that unless there is a totally Palm based one hiding out there somewhere, I will be able to use my Visor when "out in the field", but not to directly input data- I will still have to come home and make the changes manually.
    (PS Frogger1, I love humor too- But 9 out of 15 posts so far have NOTHING to do with using your Visor to help with genelogical study. That's a waste of my time. {come to think of it, so is spending my precious life force writing a reply to your reply about my earlier post. whew... say that three times fast. This interpersonal communication stuff is tiring.})
    I promise to lighten up.

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    VoxDei, no I haven't found any restrictions other than the converted gedcom file gets pretty big (long sync times initially or everytime if you set it up that way). Your father can selectively export a certain portion of his genealogical data and create a gedcom with a smaller subset that would probably be more manageable.

    As for data entering, I just use the notepad to enter "field" data and put it all back together when I get back to my PC. I find it useful to have all my data with me in such a portable, convenient package so that is why I find it useful. I would be a lot more useful if it would allow input any sych automatically when I get back to my PC but that will come...I hope...


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    I was searching and ran across a program called "my roots". It might be the program you're looking for. Hope this helps.
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    MyRoots is by Tapperware and can be found at:

    It has desktop software for both PC and Mac to convert GedCom files to readable files on the Palm OS. Once in the Palm OS you can edit. You can convert back to the PC but not yet on the Mac.

    I use Reunion for the Macintosh by Leisterpro and have exported my data to my Handspring. There is is limit of names at about 2,000.

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