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    Is there such thing as a bluetooth audio transmitter?

    My car has an aux input as well as cigar port in the trunk, and if there is a bluetooth audio transmitter, I can have my treo in the cabin but transmit the audio to the bluetooth audio receiver in the trunk. This will let me enjoy the music through car speakers without having to install anything or any cables.

    I hear FM trasmitter for iPod and any audio device degrades the sound quality but with better bandwidth of bluetooth, I'd expect to have better sound quality.

    Is this just my daydream?
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    There is a Bluetooth standard for playing music wirelessly: A2DP, the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile. However according to Palmone the Treo 650 does not support this profile.
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    Thanks joeyo.

    I actually wanted to use my 'useless T5' for that purporse but T5 has BT 1.1 too.

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