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    Seems like the OEM saves a copy of the attachments locally somewhere. I got an email with a virus ( and I saw the attachment information. Saw it was a .pif file and deleted the email. When I went to hot sync with the computer, Norton said it found a virus (.pif) and deleted it. Every time I tried to hot sync, as soon as it was finished Nortan kept giving the same message. I tried to do another hot sync with Computer overwrites Handheld (Since Norton deleted it from my computer) and then tried to do anther hotsync where Handheld overwrites computer, and the same thing happened. I had to do completely erase my Treo, and then do a hot sync with Computer Overrides Handheld to restore it. Then when I did another hotsync where handheld overwrites computer, norton did not find the virus.

    So, the question is, where on the treo was the .pif file at??? Is there a way to see EVERY single file on the Treo?

    The OEM doesn't seem to have an option of not downloading attachments. This could be a big problem because I get at least 2 or 3 of these .pif files a week. Unfortunately I don't have the option to filter them out on the server level. Do the third party email clients (SnapperMail, Chatter, etc) have the ability to block all attachment downloads. Or maybe to just list the names of any attachments and not actually download them unless specified?

    The only way I can think of around this for the OEM Mail is to just download the first 5kb, and if I recognize the sender, download the rest of the email. There is a little paper clip that lets you know when there is an attachment, even if it doesn't download the header information for the attachment.

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    fileZ is good for that
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $only$ $workaround$ $is$ $to$ $use$ $Filez$ $to$ $delete$ $the$ $email$ $database$ $and$ $then$ $setup$ $your$ $account$ $all$ $over$ $again$. $After$ $a$ $few$ $months$, $just$ $by$ $deleting$ $that$ $file$, $it$'$ll$ $free$ $up$ $like$ $8$ $MEGS$ $of$ $memory$ $in$ $my$ $machine$! $It$'$s$ $crazy$.

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