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    Hey, does anyone know how I can show anniversaries in the program Happy Days? What steps do I need to take? Is this even a function in the program? I'm running 2.3.1

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    You can add anything yiu want. The exact instructions are in the manual which is available on the web site. It is a bit difficult to understand, but after you get the idea it is pretty flexible.
    The basics are that you set up the default in one of the custom fields in contacts. then an "*" brings that into calendar, and if you go "*anniv." it will bring "anniv." into calendar, and if you go "*engaged" it will put "engaged" into calendar. Ten a space and the there are the rules for how to show the name in calendar. You can use or not use the last name and so on.
    You can enter multiple lines in the custom field to enter for instance wife and the kids birthday and aniversaries and so on.
    It is pretty neat because you canenter them and check them out in the calendar and then clear them all and redo them until they are the way you like them.

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    Thanks a lot, I got it. I never could understand those instructions on the website. I put in the whole word *Anniversary, since I like how that looks. I am a bit bummed that you can't just have a custom field for Anniversary....that would definitely look a lot cooler.
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