Ok I just received my replacement Seidio holster via fed ex... Thank you David Chang.
Excellent customer service. I told him of my problems and today I received a replacement, no charge.

This one seems to be much better. The phone sits much lower so it is not stabbing me in the ribs as the other one was.
Clip seems to be much stronger and is not loose on my belt.

The only problem is that it's kind of difficult to grab the phone out of the holster with one hand, from the bottom first. I tried taking it out top first and the sd card did come loose half the time.
Doesn't seem to have that problem if you unclip the bottom first...It's just a little hard especially with one hand.

Is it just me... am I being to picky?? I just want a clip that is ok lol.
MY proclip will be here tomorrow and I will post my comments on that one then.

Peace out