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    I'm a fan of the iTunes content management, the Smart Playlists in particular. The ability to cap the playlist by size and to exclude items from other playlists (say, for example "lo-fi radio" and "holidays") is tremendously powerful.

    That said, since I'm on Windows, it's useless for the Treo ... I did some poking around and you can export a playlist as text or xml. Windows Media Player has a xml-ish looking WPL format ... I figure SOMEONE has managed to convert these already. I found one:

    Which fixes the other problem of having a ton of .m4a files (though I already have a copy of dbPowerAmp). From the looks of things I will have to convert everything to WMA, yes? Since WMP doesn't support Ogg.

    Anyone out there done something like this? Anything I should know before I convert 3gb of music to WMA?
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    Hmmm, even as I'm thinking about this, I don't think WMP really does anything for me ... I can just as easily export the iTunes playlist as text, isolate the column with the file location for each song, and then write a very simply command-line script that, assuming the SD card is mounted in a USB card reader (F and we've stripped the exported playlist (playlist1.txt) to one column, the file's location. This at least gives me the option of using Ogg or WMA in addition to mp3.

    I'm not sure, but I think that's a simple two-line batch file

    del /q f:\*.mp3
    for /f "delims=" %%1 in (c:\stv\music\playlists\playlist1.txt) do copy "%%1" f:\

    Now, getting playlist1.txt into the right format isn't hard, but it's not entirely trivial. Excel is my preferred tool for one-up text munging, but it'd be nice to have this automated ... I guess I could VBA the process in Excel ... but doing it via command-line shouldn't be too bad.

    Now, is there any reason to use OGG instead of MP3? That would require I constantly convert music as I rip it to my hard drive ...
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    I also found this

    converts playlists to m3u playlists, which should work for WMP.
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    thanks for updating your thread. Interesting info

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