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    I occasionally see the following error mesage when I try to use Voice Dialer:
    Voice Dial requires at least 2MB of dynamic memory
    This happens when I have much more than 2 MB free and I am not able to use the program until I reset the device. palmOne support website says this is a problem that occurs when you use Voice Dialer and GoodLink, but I don't have GoodLink.

    Anyone else experienced this or know how I can avoid it?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I tried the app today and though it works great most of the time, i am getting this error now. I too dont have Goodlink though i use Chatter. I fear the only way to fix it would be a warm reset, something i havent tried yet. Does anyone else have any clues on this ?
    - Ankur.
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    I've had this problem occasionally. I think it means you have not enough of the memory dedicated for running programs ("stack?). The only known solution is a quick reset - which fortunately is very fast of the 650.

    Any utility that let's you do a soft reset will do. I use LauncherX which has a "reset" choice on it's menu.

    Defragger 1.1 and Deskfree Recycle are old memory de-fragger utilities that are the right idea, but they don't work. A utility like those for the Treo 650 would solve this problem, more than likely.
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    Hey Westronic,
    Thanks for the info, i will wait for such a utility and meanwhile soft reset whenever this happens. I think this is only temp and will probably get fixed through the next firmware update.
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    I had this problem if I exited Bejeweled2 without firs going to the main menu screen. Apparently it was left in memory and prevented some apps from loading without first doing a soft reset.
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