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    i was wondering if best buy will be getting the gsm 650?
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    We don't even have the dumb CDMA for Sprint yet. We've been having this discussion on the computer at work between employees about PDAs and the sort, and the Treo 650 has been mentioned as in we STRESSED how dumb it was we didn't have it in. The Sprint rep said you guys will carry it. Well when?

    Maybe they want BOTH to be out so they can get CDMA and GSM in at the same time. Until I go to work tomorrow I won't know how corporate is responding to many employees in diff stores about this. I said in 2 weeks, if its not in, i'm going to CompUsa. I know only one sale, but I like to stress my point.

    I honestly have no clue for you on the GSM. Sorry.
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    One thing that is new as of today, or yesterday is that the Treo 650 for Sprint is up on the GetConnected website. This is what BB uses when cust want to buy a phone online. So this tells me since pretty much every other phone on the site is in the store, that the Sprint model should be VERY close.

    I've been holding off so I can use my Emp disc, and getting really frustrated. I'll wait a little longer cause i'd like to get it as cheap as possible since I am already a Sprint Cust.
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    The Sprint 650 is in stock and on display at the BB in Culver City, CA.
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    FYI -
    The San Francisco Best Buy has the T650 (Sprint) display unit on display
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    were getting close then. I'll check at work today for news. It is possible that it is in your so called test stores, and if so, the rest of us won't have it yet. I'll post today after I check some things later on
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    What's up with online ordering? We've been waiting since they were introduced for BestBuy to come out with them, but online I've got no where to add a 2nd phone and no where to use gift cards.....shucks, guess i'll try the actual store.
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    Interesting. According to this thread:

    Best Buy has pulled the product? Someone doesn't have their story straight - sounds like BB corporate runs a lot like my employer!!

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