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    Hello to all!

    I've had by Treo 300 for about a week now (thanks ebay) and I love it! I had the samsung VGA cameraphone before, and I still like the treo a whole lot problem is this:

    The person that sold me the phone did not include the software for hotsync, so I found it online and downloaded it fine.....and the 1st time I connected the treo to my pc, it connected fine, and I had to put in my sprint password, etc...but...all of a sudden, my pc rebooted automatically as well as the treo......and now, every time I try to connect via the usb/hotsync, I get a popup box on my PC (im using winxp) saying that there may be a problem with my hardware....and now, I get that silly "unable to connect" error message on my treo...and yes, I've rebooted the cpu and soft reset my pda.

    All I want to do......ALL I want to do is put the treo SMS on my handheld!

    please help!!!
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    Try using the USB registry utility for the treo:

    And here is the main support page for the Treo 300:
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