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    One of the keys on my keyboard broke so sprint ordered me a new phone. The box that the phone was in said that the phone is reconditioned. It looks and smells brand new with no traces of previous use. Is there anyway to find out if the phone is actually reconditioned? It doesn't matter much because a reconditioned phone is better than one without a e/1 key
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    From the phone application hit ##786 and hit the middle enter key and scroll down. You will see the phone info and whether its refurbished or not.

    Sorry about that... I am at work and I typed it up fast... lol
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    ##377? This is an error log. I think you mean something else.
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    Try ##786 that will give you the info you want.
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    I just checked it out and it said that it was not a refurb. Weird that they would send it in a box that said reconditioned phone.
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    Refurb stock usually begins with a few dozen new units until the inventory buillds up. So, you lucked out this time
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    manuf has to label the product at remanuf. in some states if they have modified the product after it was produced and packed. so your phone could be one of the phone flashed with the new rom, check the software version and prl number on your phone and report back to us please.
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    it says software rev: Treo650-1.03-SPCS, PRL Version 10025

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