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    I've downloaded the much-publicized e-book from Stephen King and the Glassbook reader program on to my desktop. I'd like to be able to download it onto my VISOR so I can read it on my train commute. Is this possible?? Any help is appreciated.
    PS- I don't want to use an Hacks or anything that's going to cause and conflicts on the VISOR. Thanks.
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    It sounds like you didn't get the Palm OS version from PeanutPress at ...
    The download of Stephen King "Riding the Bullet" costs $2.50 from PeanutPress. Peanut Reader is NOT a hack & can be downloaded from the PeanutPress site.

    Since I don't know the format of the ebook you downloaded, I don't know whether the version that you got can be converted to a Palm doc format. I suspect that it can't...

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    Thanks for the response. No, I did not download it through Peanut Press since I was not aware of it. I downloaded from where it was a free download. Before I splurge on the $2.50 to download from Peanut Press, can anyone let me know if I can transfer the one I previously downloaded from to my PC on to my Visor?
    Thanks again!!
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    Send me an email.
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    I'm not certain that the version of Riding the Bullet is the same as the one from peanutpress, but ppress's Peanut Reader is free, so it's worth a try. (It was the King story that cost $2.50, the reader program is free). Peanutpress also has other e-books for sale and also many free ones, all for Palm OS.

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