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    I'm considering chucking my Treo 300 for a 600 or 650. But I have some accessories that I'd like to use with the new phone -- specfically a piggyback battery (paid $100) and a charging/hotsync cradle (paid $50). Will these things work with a 600 or 650?
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    Nope... those won't work with either the 600 or 650.
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    Yes, but does a 300's hot sync usb cable and ac travel charger work on a 600 and or 650?

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    M.E. told you. None of that stuff will work with a Treo 600 or 650.

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    The AC power and sync cable that came with your 300 will work with the 600. If you bought a car charger cable specifically for the 300 (either before the 600 came out, or with a sticker that says "for treo 300" (or something similar)), don't use it for the 600.

    As for the cradle, I never bought one, go with Mark's answer.
    As for the other stuff you specifically mentioned, Mark gave the correct answer.
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    Thanks bc, I thought I saw somewhere selling cables, not cradles or batteries that were interchangeble, thanks for confirming. Chickenhawk, your post was.... lame.

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