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    I live up here in NYC where it has become really cold, and i've noticed that in this weather, my middle button on my Treo 650 gets really hard to press. Interestingly enough, when i was in Miami over the weekend, my middle button became as soft and nimble as the older treo 600 -- have any of you had the same problem?
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    my wife says my middle button doesn't work well in the cold either.
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    as for the middle button -- i mean the center button in the d-pad.
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    i know it. I couldnt resost it
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    ok, but i really want to know if this is just my unit, or a common issue
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    mine actually works fine but the coldest i've used it was about 30degrees.
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    hehe, jason said "unit"

    no, seriously, i think its the "rubber" "membrane"
    under the "button" iam just crackin meeself up
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    no problems with mine really and I had mine out in -15 f.
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    Stop pushing his buttons

    A cold Treo could get ugly

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