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    i downloaded a program called emerald sounds. its a bunch of free midi tones.
    i have know idea how or where to find them.
    now here is the interesting fact in butler the alert section it shows them. is this the only program they will work with? why cant i use them as ringers ??
    thanks in advancefor your answers

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    In the Phone application (green phone button), press the Menu button, then go to Options > Sound Preferences. Then select the Tones box. Are the new ringer sounds listed in the various tone pulldown menus?
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    Same thing happened to me, I installed Emerald Sounds and still do not see the ringers under the tones options.
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    I have emailed the creator and no luck as of yet. But very odd, under snappermail the sounds are available, and to be honest they are not that great, I'll look elsewhere, now how to I delete this Emerald Sounds from my Treo?

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