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    My phone can not be answered when an incoming call arrives with <No Caller ID>; i.e. the caller is not among my 8100 contacts. When I choose ANSWER on the touchscreen, or press any keyboard buttons, there is NO response. The phone just keeps ringing and I hope the caller leaves a voice mail. TechSupport had me HardReset, then HotSynched my contacts. We have now done this without loading my many older 3rd party applications that could be, admittedly, causing conflicts.

    Now it works; kinda. Similar calls can be answered, but with delay. i.e. I press ANSWER on screenÖand wait & wait, about 4 seconds,Öand then it answers. Iím new to Treo 600 (GSM, with latest Palm software), having synched over from several years wi Treo 180. Iíve talked to PalmOne TechSupport several times and they are not familiar with this problem (How can I get to talk with Level 2 Tech?).

    TechSupport suggests there is a limitation of 10,000 contacts and my problem is that the phone is busily searching all my contacts and therefore canít answer quickly. Could this be true? The phone answers instantaneously for calls from recognized numbers, having searched the same list. Furthermore, I had no such problems, with 11,000 contacts on the Treo 180, running only a 30MHz processor.

    Any advice or lessons learned from similar behavior? I realize I have a LOT of contacts; I need themÖbut much more for reference than for the phone. Is there a way I could store lots of contacts off-line from the phone (or phonesearch) function?

    Jay, in Budapest
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    Why don't you hard reset, and not load your contacts? Then, if it answers quickly, you *know* it's your contacts.
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    Thanks...but we've done that and, yes, the naked phone works just fine. But I'm trying to find a way for the machine to function as marketed...with my contacts and my applications.

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