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    A message that I replied to today created a duplicate in Chatter. I am using Exchange 2K3 and I know of the "feature" where it recreates the message ID upon reply. Until now I have not acutally seen it duplicate a message. In Outlook the message is only one copy. Weird. (Folder is online.)


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    So the "duplicate" message is persistent (i.e. it stays around permanently but it's not on the server??) Is it locked in Chatter?

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    Yes that is what happened. Some hours later it appeared to have gone by itself, but it was around a really long time. I didn't lock it.

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    Are you using "Keep Flags Synced"? I think there's an issue with that and message deletions. I'm looking at that now.
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    Yes I am, do you recommend I not use that for now? BTW What flags does it sync exactly?

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    It should be fixed in 1.0b20, coming later today. It keeps the Treo posted on changes to the read/answered flags. It's NOT very useful and adds to data usage / battery drain.


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